fredag, oktober 23

my love goes to you.. dickhead

Fianlly weekend.. god i really need it. this week have been a disaster! everything - well not everything but all most everything have been a disaster?
now i'm writing my thoughts, and frustrations down so you can read it.. here we go.

my feelings are confused. confused about you?
or .. I actually do not know what I feel .. for you?
it was really a sudden what you said to me? or was it?

I'm confused ..

I really do like you, but I am so hurt, because of you.

I am hurt and I can not admit it to you. yet.
what if we are not going to talk more? you can handle it, I can not ..

are you afraid? I am. are you sad? I am.
do you feel like a fool? - because I know how it feels. are you still in love? I am .. do you love me? because I love you?

your warm hug and kiss I already miss it.. my life is like boring right now, now when I don't have you. Will you come back to me? I am disappointed over you, but I would like to have you back. co
me home my darling

love to you my sweet baby.

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